Medical Conditions Are, to Some Degree, Relative – Beat Cancer Like it is Nothing

If you want to heal anything, have this mindset. If you did not have this mentality with a cold – how would that cold effect you? You just take for granted that you will survive it, so you are strong. Imagine if you treated it like cancer. Just imagine for a moment if you mixed up the two – cancer became “just a cold”, and “just a cold” became cancer. Do you think the increased belief – or, rather, complete certainty that you would be able to handle it, to the point that you laugh if someone tells you you might die from it, would help you survive the cancer? Would it be an empowering mindset?

The body and the mind has a connection. They “talk” to each other. If you tell your mind you can do something – meaning you say it with certainty – the mind assumes you can, and unlocks all the things that are necessary to do that thing. These things include a high quality breath – which, without, you can do absolutely NOTHING. If you think you cannot do something, on the other hand, the things necessary to accomplish the thing will not be free for you to use.

If you believe you can do something, and the brain consequentially assumes that you can – it will “have its eyes set on the prize”, meaning your mind will be looking to the find the solution to what is currently, to whatever degree, blocking your ability to perform the thing that you believe you can do. Eventually, if you keep the belief that you can do it, the mind will find a way. if you, however, believe you cannot survive it, your mind will be looking for “proof” that you can not survive it. This stress, when you find proof, will affect you how? Negatively, of course.

You need to be proactive at all times, and believe in it even if NOTHING tells you that you can survive the cancer. You do not have any choice. There is no alternative. By the way – if you do not believe that you can survive something just by WANTING to live, read “It is not about the bike” by cyclist, 7-time Tour de France winner, Lance Armstrong. He won all those seven AFTER cancer, by the way.

If you have the belief that you can survive it – but, as I presented earlier, to the degree that it is RIDICULOUS to believe that something so harmless can kill you – will that help you?

A good mental thing might be to think of all the ways in which you will be stronger, and just HOW empowered you will become, by surviving the cancer. How petty things that might actually get mentally “stuck at” and let irritate you, will seem like NOTHING post-cancer.