Many Adults as well as Teenagers are Susceptible to Acne

Acne shows up in many different forms and there isn’t any agreement on the exact causes of acne. Why is it that some pores are affected and others not? There are quite a few factors that can cause the onset of acne and acne redness and just as numerous variables to the healing and control of this skin disorder.

There are both psychological attributes to acne. The largest and primary symptom is the physical outbreak on the face. This is an awkward creating some of the psychological issues most have to deal with on a weekly basis. Many people feel embarrassed as their appearance to the environment has been changed. For a young adult now beginning to create a feeling of “who they are” these episodes of acne can be a disturbing period. Some do withdraw from events to avoid the shame that comes along with acne and the scaring that results.

Some believe acne is an issue teenagers deal with exclusively but adult acne is increasing and scaring can be worse for the adult when compared to a young adult. Many adults don’t seek help and will avoid social engagements as they feel this is an issue they should have grown out of many years prior.

Acne is grouped into 2 different categories (inflammatory and non-inflammatory). If you exhibit black or white heads the acne is in the non-inflammatory category. The inflammatory group includes cysts and nodules which may become a severe concern if not treated.

The handling of acne and acne redness needs to start with an evaluation of whether you have inflammatory or non-inflammatory acne as the treatment can be different. Discovering an helpful regiment that does what it claims is also be a challenge for the affected. Some products maintain they can eliminate acne overnight and that just isn’t a realistic claim. Many treatments will take anywhere from 3-4 weeks to get this disorder under control.

So beware of overnight treatment advertisements. Search out a quality treatment that has good reviews, stick to the treatment and be patient as acne can not be healed overnight.